AC Accredited Certificate in Coach Training

Why our certificate in coaching is accredited

When I decided to train as a coach “coughs” years ago there wasn’t any process to “qualify” you really, nothing that made you feel that you had that rubber stamp of being certified, accomplished and a real professional. Fast forward to now and we have several professional bodies, robust accreditation processes and a thriving industry that is becoming more discerning in both the procurement and selection of coaches.

My coaching journey includes being the Vice Chair of the Association for Coaching, I tell you this because it made me put my money where my mouth is and go through the Master Level of accreditation, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Does it take time? Yes

  • Is it a pain in the butt doing the admin? Yes
  • Is mapping competencies my favourite thing? No
  • But the process should have rigour, be tough and require time, effort and proof of excellence otherwise it’s worth nothing to you or anyone else.


Why be accredited?

Our training programme has been accredited by the leading professional body, The Association for Coaching (AC). This means it meets the AC’s global standards for comprehensive coach training, encompassing the application of coaching competencies, the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors and extensive practical experience.

As previous board members of the AC we helped to create the standards that are in place today. We practice what we preach – our team are all accredited and so are our programmes.

The benefits of accreditation

  • Your organisation and your clients can be confident that you have undertaken robust, in-depth learning.
  • You have access to all the resources of the AC with a student membership for 12 months from the start of your training.
  • You have a simple path to your individual accreditation when you finish your coaching with us.
  • You and those you work with are assured of the quality of the course you have taken.


My credentials are recognised all over the world, they demonstrate I’m highly skilled and serious about coaching; we want the same for our graduates which is why our Certificate Programme is accredited too.



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