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You’ve already read that Reflex offers you the potential to tailor your training to create a programme unique to you. We’ve included some of our key topics in the programme below – simply choose the ones that suit your needs the best- it couldn’t be easier! All the sessions are run in 2.5 hr virtual or half day in person sessions, ideally up to 12 delegates per group.


In a world where busy is sometimes a badge of honour, learn how to define what is important and how to prioritise when everything seems urgent.

Learning Outcomes

Practical tips on identifying and knowing how to prevent your time hijackers and controlling your day rather than your day controlling you!


Personal branding has never been more important . We all know that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room (thanks Mr Bezos!) but with the increasing importance of social sites such as LinkedIn, knowing how to define your brand to build emotional and intellectual connections is paramount.

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to create your own personal branding toolkit and amplify your performance, and to stand out from the crowd.


A lot of teams shy away from having conversations that could be a little tricky - yet knowing how to have those challenging conversations is key to better collaboration and productivity.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn techniques enabling you to hold challenging conversations and how to deal with any responses and reactions that come up.


Most people realise that greater collaboration leads to greater teamwork, so what stops us? Learn how to identify what it is that gets in the way, and techniques to improve better ways of working together.

Learning Outcomes

You will explore the key characteristics of collaboration and what this means in practice and look at methods of building a collaboration process within your teams.


If you’ve ever come away from a meeting thinking that your message didn’t really land in the way you intended, then this course is for you . Knowing how to flex your style, mastering your communication so that its effective is such an important skill - learn how to achieve this with us!

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to understand your natural style and how to pivot to ensure your messages land with the desired impact.

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