Mediacom project Case study

Mediacom, now known as EssenceMediacom, is one of the largest media agencies in the world. The Coach House has been a learning and development partner with this organisation for nearly 20 years. The range of work has included the design and delivery of multiple management programmes, training on a global scale for senior leaders to deliver in-house programmes, the design and creation of self-directed, blended learning and the provision of executive coaching.

The Brief

Having delivered many successful programmes for the UK office we were asked to design, deliver (and train internal staff to deliver) a blended learning programme with both online and workshop elements. The participants were in two cohorts; new managers and experienced managers needing to refresh their skills.

The Solution

Each module was designed to deliver specific outcomes against a competency framework with overall objectives of: increasing management capability and confidence in a scalable way, ensuring consistency of management approach in line with company policy and the people strategy, supporting the internal culture of ‘people first’ and utilising internal expertise and resources to deliver global initiatives.

Modules Included:

Great care was taken to create content that was accessible to a diverse range of people and global audience. Language, beliefs and culture were taken in to consideration whilst developing content.

Outcomes & Client Feedback

The feedback and evaluation from the client, Helen Brown, Chief People Officer at Mediacom Worldwide, outlined the effectiveness and positive outcomes of the programme:

The program not only delivered scalable, bespoke, and bitesize content that was accessible globally, but it also enabled us to strategically align our future company growth goals with specific skills gaps observed in our middle and senior managers. By identifying these gaps, we were able to design targeted training modules that addressed the key areas of development required to support our organisational objectives.

The accessibility and flexibility of the program ensured that regardless of an individual’s location or management experience, they could actively participate in career development initiatives without compromising their involvement in revenue-generating activities. This holistic approach allowed us to nurture a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within the company.

Managers who participated in the training showed enhanced capabilities, resulting in many cases in their promotion to higher roles within the organisation. This not only rewarded their dedication and hard work but also reinforced the effectiveness of our program in preparing individuals for higher levels of responsibility.

Furthermore, the program’s impact extended beyond career progression. We observed the early stages of a reduction in employee performance issues that previously required HR intervention. This demonstrated that the training not only enhanced technical and managerial skills but also fostered a positive work environment and improved overall employee engagement.

Overall, the training program successfully bridged the skills gap among our middle and senior managers, allowing us to align our future company growth goals with targeted development initiatives. The resulting increase in internal promotions and reduction in performance issues underscored the program’s effectiveness, positioning us for continued success and advancement. In light of the successful outcomes and positive impact of the training program, I highly recommend The Coach House. Helen Tiffany, CEO, was instrumental in designing and implementing the program, showcasing their expertise in understanding the objectives of the organisation and tailoring training content to address those needs.’ 

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