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Harness the power of coaching in your leadership style. A practical, modular programme, recognised by the Association for Coaching, delivered virtually or face-to-face.

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For over a decade we have seen leadership change from a style of command and control to one of transformation and empowerment.

From our years of experience as a market-leading learning partner, we have seen three recent themes emerge:

Leaders of the future need to be able to coach

One challenge can be convincing leaders in your organisation that coaching can have real impact and is not a touchy feely nice to have. International Law firm Allen & Overy decided to make coaching a key part of the firm’s leadership culture. A senior partner positioned it like this: ‘As a senior leader, you have roughly 100 conversations a year that are of particularly high value—in the sense that they will change your life or the life of the person you’re talking to. We want to help you acquire the skills to maximize value in those 100 conversations, to unlock previously hidden issues, to uncover new options, and to reveal fresh insights.’

Having powerful conversations is one benefit but building capacity to empower others, improve performance and model good team behaviour are also the benefits that you can expect to see in your organisation.

Business challenges:

We have identified what we believe to be the key business challenges as we navigate a hybrid approach to organisational life:

- Mental Health Support
- Presenteeism
- Inconsistent performance
- Leading through change
- Leading in and encouraging a diverse workplace
- Ensuring team collaboration

"The coach house facilitated a series of courses for the Shaw Trust, specifically the Leader as Coach programme. it's a fantastic course, enjoyable, informative and extremely impactful. I am really seeing the benefit of it in my day to day life already!
Adam Jackson
Regional Manager, Shaw Trust

Programme Format

Leader as Coach is a modular programme that allows your teams to quickly develop coaching as a leadership style. Our programme is recognised by the Association for Coaching so you can feel confident that each person will have developed key competencies and logged the all important CPD hours.

Each module is four hours, and runs on Zoom. To receive the certificate each person must attend all three modules, complete 3 hours of self-study and 6 hours of coaching practice. The coaching practice may be in their team, peers, or people outside of the organisation.

The modules

Aimed At

key outcomes:
for the leader

- Understand when to use coaching and mentoring
- Be able to identify performance barriers and find solutions
- Understand what creates behavioural change
- Be more confident delivering feedback
- Have more influence in powerful conversations

Key outcomes:
for the organisation

- More effective leadership style
- Develop a coaching culture
- Role model and embed a coaching mindset
- Internal coaching capability
- In-house mental health support

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Module One

Coaching as a leadership style

  • Intentional listening
  • Mastering question techniques
  • Using coaching in every day settings
  • Shifting into a coaching mindset

Each module includes coaching practice in pairs or trios, demonstrations of best practice and feedback on your coaching practice from the facilitator.

Module Two

The Psychology of Coaching

  • Developing individual and team performance
  • Understanding performance blockers
  • The Five-Minute Coach and getting people into action

This session includes facilitated coaching practice and the opportunity to develop your learning so far.

Module Three

Developing your coaching style

  • Developing your coaching style
  • Using coaching to boost confidence
  • Observed coaching practice and reflection

This module concentrates on building your toolkit and practising the new models and approaches.

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