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dare verb: have the courage to do something;
defy or challenge (someone) to do something; take the risk of; brave

why dare ?

Over the last 12 months the way that we run and lead our organisations has been challenged and has changed in ways that we could never have imagined. Over this period The Coach House has spent time with senior business leaders in executive coaching sessions and workshop settings. with the knowledge we have gained from this insight along with the social, economic and organisational trends we have created a unique programme called Dare.

The definition of Dare is to have enough courage or confidence to do something and this programme is designed to build those skills using a coaching approach.

Coaching provides an environment of support to help us think through thorny issues and decide how we feel about them before we make the bold moves needed to lead

the dare concept

The programme is underpinned with the 5C’s :


Creating transformational change


Leading with courage and conviction


Generate self confidence and empower others


Collaborating with others and being an inclusive leader


Developing ability to challenge yourself and others

dare content

The 5 live sessions

The case for coaching

the dare outcomes

By the end of the programme, leaders will :

Develop their own model of their authentic leadership style

Develop skills to deepen client relationships

Explore how to challenge people to think differently

Discover the mastery of listening and questioning techniques

Build leadership presence and influencing capability through coaching

Know how to leverage neuroscience to activate behaviour

Develop skills for complex and challenging environments

Challenge the status quo and problem solve

Explore how to lead in a hybrid culture

Consider how to deal with disruption and diversity

Build resilience, capability and behaviour

Understand the power of EQ

Be able to use EQ to encourage diversity of opinion

Be able to use coaching to develop performance

Role model behaviours that embrace change

Reflect on their ability to deal with change

Know how to demonstrate and work with vulnerability
Lead client relationships through change
Develop a strategy for the hybrid environment and build stakeholder plans
Create a strong leadership culture

How It Works

Your leadership cohort will take part in an initial group coaching session to set their intention and create their individual Dare Development Plan (DDP). They will attend 5 interactive live sessions (virtual) with tailored relevant self-study between sessions. As part of the programme, they will take part in peer coaching and coach others in their organisation totalling 6 hours coaching practice.

the dare format

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