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Designed to financially support applicants who would otherwise be unable to fund the cost of coach training.

The Coach House Bursary

a personal letter from helen tiffany

The overwhelming feedback we receive from graduates is about how the programme contributes to their personal development and self-confidence, as well as how they do their jobs. Coach training will give you different choices in life and the chance to take another look at your career and trajectory. It will give you the potential to create your own business, or work with organisations that mean something to you, not just those that fit with your current skill sets.

One of the reasons I’ve created the bursary is my belief that everyone can coach. But it takes time, effort and resources to train and fulfil that potential. So, pick up that pen. I look forward to receiving your application form and reading your submission.

Good Luck!

Helen Tiffany, Managing Director & Founder

The Coach House Bursary is available to a small number of students on each programme and can cover up to 50% of the full, non-discounted cost of The Coach House Certificate coach training programme (we calculate the percentage based on the number of applications and individual circumstances, so we cannot guarantee each person will receive the full bursary).


written submission guidance

The written submission should give us a real feel for your potential. Practically it should address these 5 questions:

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