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You will graduate with a Certificate in Coaching accredited by The Association for Coaching, the largest professional coaching body in the UK.

AC Accredited Certificate in Coach Training

A Fully Accredited Coaching Qualification

The Coach House programme is an industry-leading certificate which gives you the foundations to build coaching skills, add to your career portfolio or start your coaching business. It is designed to give you sound building blocks of knowledge and enables you to practise and broaden your skills whilst learning with others with similar goals to enhance the whole experience.


You Will

The course is designed so you can attend while still holding down a demanding day job. The learning takes place either online or in person, so that everyone has the flexibility they require. 

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programme outline


The programme runs over six months to give you time to embed the learning, to practise and to develop your coaching style. The workshops are highly interactive with a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience alongside the theoretical learning.

The programme often attracts people with busy lives who may be juggling learning alongside a day job and a family, so we’ve designed a modular approach that fits with your lifestyle.

the modules

the package

the cost

We want our course to be available to everyone who wants to learn either online or in-person, whether through your company or as an individual. With this in mind, we have two pricing structures, and also have a  bursary available:

Online Attendance:

Corporate Fees: £4,750 +VAT, per person (payable on booking)

Individual Fees: £3,750 + VAT, per person (40% on booking, 30% after module 1, 30% after module 2)


In-Person Attendance 

Corporate Fees: £5,550 +VAT, per person (payable on booking)

Individual Fees: £4,550 + VAT, per person (40% on booking, 30% after module 1, 30% after module 2)

“This course helped me unlock my own potential, as well as helping my team.”

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Become a Coach

Module One

Understanding Coaching

  • Defining coaching
  • Putting coaching into context in work and life
  • How to contract with clients and stakeholders
  • How to conduct successful chemistry meetings
  • Ethics and Boundaries in coaching – handling coaching dilemmas
  • Understanding the coaching process
  • Key skills of coaching – knowing what to do and how to do it
  • The art of great questions
  • How to be present and become a great listener
  • An introduction to the GROW model
  • Values: articulating your own and respecting those of others

Both days include coaching practice in pairs or trios, demonstrations of best practice and feedback on your coaching practice from the facilitator.

Module Two

The Psychology of Coaching

  • The Psychology of Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • The Inner Game
  • Understanding cognitive distortions and how you can help as a coach
  • Negative self-talk – strategies for you and your clients
  • The PRACTICE model of coaching
  • Developing coaching techniques

This session includes facilitated coaching practice and the opportunity to develop your learning so far.

Module Three

The Coach’s Toolkit

  • Exploring Appreciative Inquiry in coaching
  • Using psychometrics in coaching and maximizing the benefits within the coaching relationship
  • NLP models for coaching
  • Rapport and communication in the coaching relationship
  • Unconscious filters, patterns and beliefs and their relevance to coaching
  • Eliciting new perspectives and insights for coaches

This module concentrates on building your toolkit and practising the new models and approaches.

Module Four

Developing Your Style and Confidence

  • How to get fantastic results from coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence – establishing high levels of EQ and helping clients do the same
  • The differences between coaching inside and outside organisations
  • Discussion about coaching in various professional contexts
  • Self-awareness: who you are is how you coach

This module is aimed at consolidating what you have learned so far to build your confidence and to practise using these new elements in your coaching approach.

Module Five

Performance Coaching

  • Breaking down barriers to success for transformational change
  • Tackling procrastination: understanding the psychological blocks we face in performance
  • Challenging the perfectionist in yourself and others
  • How to use a strengths-based approach
  • Working with metaphors and Clean Language
  • Reaching your own potential and supporting others to do the same through coaching
In this session you will take part in practical exercises and continue to develop your skills and confidence in small group work.

Module Six

Your Coaching Future

  • How to build the case for coaching with your clients or your organisation
  • Creating language to sell in the ROI of coaching
  • Internal coaching in organisations: the power of the coach within, understanding internal coaching schemes, manager as coach
  • Individual practical coaching assessment and feedback
  • Preparation and guidelines for submissions and the written assignment
  • Post-graduation – personal accreditation, supervision and CPD

The final module is to help you prepare to take your coaching back into the workplace or your own business. You will do a live observed coaching session which contributes to the overall completion of the programme.

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