Barnardo's Case study

Barnardo's is a leading and long–established UK children's charitythat protects and supports children, young people and their families.

The Challenge

Barnardo's London wanted to develop a coaching culture across the charity from senior executives through to front line staff. Coaching would be used to support staff, while other aspects of the work would explore how coaching skills and techniques could be used to improve conversations and interactions within the organisation and with their target clients, including young children.

Barnardo's London chose The Coach House because of their approach to listening and working with us to deliver the outcomes we wanted to achieve for our staff, but more importantly for our children and young people. Their style is one of empowerment and enabling; building on strengths whilst striving for excellence. It was also really important that The Coach House demonstrated the same basis and values as Barnardo's, which focuses on respect and reaching potential.

Lynn Gradwell, Director for Barnardo's London Region

Our Solution

As a company we also launched Give back to Barnardo’s, designed to support the work of the charity with a donation of £50 from us each time someone graduates from one of our accredited coach training programmes.

Overall, confidence levels improved by an average of 64%, with improvements ranging from 22% to 124%. In particular, participants were better able to distinguish coaching opportunities from other types of interventions, such as mentoring or managing someone.

The Impact

Participants in the Leader as Coach programme complete pre and post-training questionnaires designed to assess confidence levels in key areas such as their ability to use different listening and questioning approaches in coaching situations, and using coaching skills to motivate and empower others.

Barnardo’s report tangible changes in workplace conversations as a result of the work. They are having more conversations that enable their teams to make decisions for themselves. They now have new strategies for developing confidence, understanding how people are motivated and how to bring about shifts in people’s thoughts and behaviours using short bursts of coaching. The various programmes are continuing to raise awareness of the importance of listening throughout the entire organisation. Engagement rate within the TIGER series is 82%: “We consider this to be high given that some young people are currently not ready to engage.”

Lynn Gradwell adds: “The benefits of working with The Coach House have been significant. The coaching culture and empowerment we hoped to engender is evident in the language we are now starting to embed, which is strength based and solution focussed.

We see and observe our staff and managers asking coaching questions rather than giving advice, empowering their staff to seek their own solutions and developing a learning approach. We have seen the development of new initiatives such as ‘the women’s network’, and new approaches to our direct work with children and young people such as our TIGER, which would never have been developed without The Coach House and it’s MD and founder, the amazing Helen Tiffany, who not only trained staff in coaching but freely gave her time in the development of this innovative way of working with young people.

There is no doubt we are still on the journey but we’re progressing on that journey because of The Coach House and their work with us.”

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